I like to write. And when I say “write” I don’t mean a status update on Facebook, I mean write something that has a start, middle and end, that goes beyond a couple of hash-tagged sentences and has real meat on its bones. It’s crazy I know, I’m not playing some weird joke on you, there’s something about words that I connect with and enjoy. I’m quite lucky that I get the opportunity to write as a freelancer for a variety of outlets online and in print from time to time but I don’t necessarily think I’m particularly great at writing mainly because when I do it’s so sporadic as I don’t have a consistent outlet to write for. I find that my skills wain substantially between pieces and often I relearn basics like structuring and flow over again each time. It’s only once I come to the end of a piece I feel like I’m back in the groove, likely on my fifth or sixth iteration, to get it the way I want and writing the way I want only to go through the entire process sixth months later when called upon to write again.

A few months ago I decided to look into a way I could keep my writing going, to prevent the skills from going stale and improve its overall quality in the process. In my quest for self-improvement I came across an article where the author said he’d set himself the task of writing one thousand words a day. It didn’t have to be about anything specifically he just had to get a thousand words down each day for a year. Often it was complete dribble and made no sense to anyone, including the author when he looked back on the pieces a year later, but with each piece he saw his writing improve in a variety of ways.

I loved the idea. One thousand words is by no means a ridiculous amount to write, nor read – for those so inclined. It may not be a reality for myself to commit to it on a daily basis but I can see the merit in the idea of just straight out writing a thousand words. It’s not supposed to be a difficult exercise you set for yourself nor a stressful deadline imposed by someone paying for your services, it’s merely a way for me to build my skills as a writer and by doing it on a website, share that process with you.

In addition to personal development I decided on one thousand words because it’s the complete opposite of 140 characters. The average person takes less than five minutes to read a thousand words but even that’s too long in most people’s book. I can respect that, we all live in a world that seems to do nothing but get faster and faster, but it’s also one that can be sadly void of substance. Personally, I’m not a fan of the hyper-condense-abbreviated Frankenstein like words so prominently used today yet find myself begrudgingly needing to use them on a regular basis to adhere to insert-social-network-here’s rules. There’s only so much you can convey in limited space and while a thousand words is still technically a limitation it’s one that should provide a good foundation for substance.

I’m being a little sneaky too. I’ve left myself the clich├ęd loop-hole that is “a photo is worth a thousand words”. This way I can post the occasional completed photo as I’m still avidly taking photos and leaving them unprocessed on a hard drive somewhere for no one to see, including myself. I have a terrible habit of setting up shoots and traveling to some random spot on the globe to take one or a series of specific photographs and then never getting around to editing them. It’s the writing equivalent of proof reading and frankly I’d rather be driving nails through my forehead most of the time but on the odd chance I do edit/process any to the point I find them suitable for public viewing they’ll likely end up here in-between musings. It’s a love hate thing. In the same way I plan on using the website to improve my writing regularity and skills it will provide a platform to push myself to editing some, of what I think are, beautiful photos from around the world.

So, with all that in mind, I created this website. My own little literary corner of the internet. I would love to say I planned on adding “x” amount of posts over “y” amount of days but the truth is I just don’t know at this point but I’ll do my best to add to it on some sort of regular basis.

As to what you should expect to see posted here I’m not entirely sure. I’m still writing freelance for a few websites and magazines out there on that aforementioned sporadic timeline so it’s likely you’ll see a lot of that cross posted (providing they are of a thousand words or more of course and I have permission) but more often than not I imagine you’ll see some general nonsense and metaphorical vomiting of the mind littered amongst the legitimate pieces. I’ve not delved too much into creative writing up to this point so this may a good platform for my imagination to run wild. Time will tell.

This whole concept is by no means everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a place for me to experiment and grow as a writer that will interest different audiences on a piece by piece basis. I don’t expect anyone to love or read through every post I put up here by any means but I’m extremely grateful to anyone that takes the time to view anything that’s to come. If you have any topics or ideas for what you’d like to see please by all means feel free to get in touch with me.

Word count: 1,000